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Classy eloquent response Amanda. I whole heartedly agree. I too was shocked by the inaccuracy of Shari's statement about the lack of technical experience in search women. She obviously doesn't know the background on a number of the ladies who attended that luncheon. Many have techie experience – not IT necessarily, but technical. For starters the hostess Li Evans worked as a programmer and I worked nearly a decade in missile engineering. I know Shari has had some tough times going on in her personal life lately, so I'll chalk up her comment to oversight.


I was also surprised by Shari's article. I don't have a technical degree, and am not half as technical as Christine or Amanda, but I do have that left-brain/right-brain thing going on. I'm pretty sure I can hold my own in regards to most technical SEO stuff as well!

The whole women in SEO thing is a bit weird, imo. Not sure why we need/want to be singled out from the men, personally.

Shari Thurow

Hi all-

First, I want to make it clear that I did contact Li directly because I know she is a "techie" person like myself. We both designed databases as part of our job responsibilities before venturing out in the search industry. Due to my grandmother's passing (I was in NYC less than 24 hours after her funeral), it was an unfortunate oversight that I addressed immediately upon realizing my error.

So please do not make incorrect and inaccurate assumptions without contacting the original author first. I give you that courtesy.

I know that some of the women attending the lunch had some technical skills, but I don't think there are enough women in this industry with the high-level technical skills needed to truly understand the information retrieval process. One can only progress so far in SEO without having high-level technical skills.

That was and is my point.

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