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How much editorializing to do on our blogs is still a matter of much newsroom discussion. I think that as our online audience is increasingly affected by, and becomes more accustomed to, the online tone set by bloggers, acceptance of editorializing will go up and ethics will evolve accordingly. We'd like to lead our readers in that direction without getting too far out in front of them. And even when readers become completely comfortable with the notion, editorializing won't always be appropriate, depending on the timing and substance of the post.

At any rate, at least four of our blogs regularly contain opinion: Off the Record and Thinking Out Loud, posted by editorial-page folks; editor John Robinson's blog; and my own. And we publish our printed Letters to the Editor in the form of a blog, too, with comments enabled on each letter. There's no shortage of passionate online dialogue.


Lex Alexander, citizen-journalism coordinator

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